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We Can
Do Better

Force Fontan Registry:
Advanced Data, better Outcomes, now

We do not know the life expectancy of single ventricle patients, but we know we can do better. Single ventricle patients are at risk for numerous complications including cardiac arrest, arrhythmias, protein-losing enteropathy, plastic bronchitis, stroke, and blood clots.

The goal of the FORCE registry is to improve patient outcomes by using the power of data and machine learning to identify which patients will do well, and which will need more help, as they grow older. By harnessing information from both regional and international hospitals, we will leverage robust clinical and advanced imaging data to predict what to-date, has been impossible; the need of a patient before the need turns into a life-threatening event.

Our impact

Survival for single ventricles is not enough. We need to do better by focusing on length and quality of life.  FORCE has created a cloud-based infrastructure to leverage advanced data analytics and machine learning to dramatically accelerate knowledge discovery.  One institution cannot do this alone, but together, we can give our clinicians the tools to predict and improve outcomes.
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Our Centers

The FORCE Registry is an international, multi-center initiative with across North America and Europe.  Launched in October 2020, the FORCE Registry continues to expand and is actively enrolling additional institutions.  No one hospital can do this alone, but there is power in our collective data.
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