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our data is used for life changing research

CMR Prediction

A large scale study to predict clinical outcomes using CMR, not a single time point based on flow parameters. 

Vasculature of the Heart
Image by Robina Weermeijer

Tailored medicine

Fontan patients have unique morphologies, yet their normal limits are compared to "normal" hearts, which can cause unnecessary treatment. This study will find what "normal" means to fontan patients. 

healthy Lifestyles

Healthy weight throughout childhood is of the utmost importance. However, for fontan patients, the link between excess weight and heart function has not been explored. Yet.

Kids Playing Tug of War
Image by Alexandru Acea

Predict Sudden
Cardiac Death

By studying and understanding the risk factors associated with sudden cardiac death in the fontan population, we can predict, and thus, prevent. 

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FORCE-derived metrics sharing plan. It is the expectation derived data (discrete data and image biomarkers) from the FORCE dataset be uploaded back to the FORCE registry to share and utilize again for future research. The primary authors who created the derived data will be involved (including authorship rights) for any repurposing/subanalysis of those data

Appendix: Requested FORCE Data

(Only the minimum dataset required to answer the research questions will be shared. The data and image extract will be tailored to your study’s inclusion and exclusion criteria. Please describe why each subset of data is required.)

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