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Mother and Daughter Love

ouR MIssion

Big DATA &
Advanced Analytics

  • Aggregate data across the world

  • Ask and answer important questions

  • Advance cardiac imaging

  • Cloud storage to allow sharing of data fostering open collaboration

  • Creation of interactive data visualizations

  • Explore data in real-time

  • Transparency 

  • Compare outcomes across institutions


  • Improve workflow using artificial intelligence

  • Predict who needs help now

  • Predict what kind of help is needed

  • Machine learning can identify interventions that will make a difference

What it means for your child

  • Increase Quality of Life

  • Increase Longevity in single ventricle patients

  • Ability to avoid the need for Transplants, or significantly increase the length of time between last palliative surgery and Transplant

  • Answering  the Unknown

  • Adaptable, patients specific planning

  • Decreased admissions

  • Decreased outpatient procedures

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