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Published work

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current projects utilizing force data

Methodology to Create the FORCE Registry   

Developing the FORCE registry

CMR Phenotyping after TCPC using hierarchical cluster analysis 

CMR Phenotyping using Machine Learning

Ventricular interactions in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome  

Ventricular interactions in hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Ventricular Short Access Contouring with Machine Learning  

Machine learning for ventricular volume in Fontan

Function, Flow and Follow up in Fontan (F4 CMR) Study 

Ventricle function and flow in Fontan

Predictors of Supranormal Exercise Capacity in Fontan Patients (high-performing Fontan) 

Studying high exercise capacity in Fontan

Predictors of Sudden Cardiac Death in Fontan

Predicting Sudden Cardiac Death in Fontan

Expected Volume and Functional Data for Fontan Patients by CMR. Does Ventricular Morphology Matter?  

Defining CMR Norms for Fontan Patients

A machine learning 3D segmentation data pipeline for Fontan baffles and pulmonary arteries

Machine Learning for Baffle Segmentation

Predicting Cardiac Dysfunction and Fontan Failure in Single Ventricle Patients

Predicting Circulatory Failure Using AI Statistical Modelling

Predictors of Diastolic Dysfunction in Fontan

Diastolic dysfunction in Fontan

Creation of a robust risk prediction score for death/
transplant after the Fontan

Robust Fontan Outcome Prediction

Predictors of Supranormal Exercise Capacity in Fontan Patients (high-performing Fontan) 

Studying high exercise capacity in Fontan

Delineating the Longitudinal Performance of the Extracardiac Conduit and the Lateral Tunnel Systemic Venous Pathway Strategies in Fontan Palliation

Comparing different types of the Fontan operation (lateral tunnel versus extracardiac conduit)

Single Ventricular Characteristics of Adults with Fontan Circulation – The Burden of Increased Weight 

Impact of Obesity in Adults with Fontan

Automation of 4D flow processing in Fontan Patients and investigation of automated flow metric predictive value 

Automating 4D flow analysis in Fontan

Validation of Energy Inefficiency in the Fontan Circuit to Predict Outcomes in Patients with Single Ventricle Heart Disease

Blood flow efficiency in Fontan

Defining Shape and Hemodynamic Forces in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome with Statistical Shape Modeling and Deformation Analysis

3D Statistical Modeling in Fontan

Anatomic and flow analyses of native versus reconstructed aortas in Fontan patients: impact on vessel and ventricular function using 4D flow image processing and computer simulation.

Aortic Function in Fontan

Associations between cardiac magnetic resonance-derived myocardial fibrosis and hepatic/splenic fibrosis as potential biomarkers of Fontan-associated liver disease as clinical risk factors and outcomes in Fontan patients

Imaging biomarkers for FALD

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